Northern Summer

Once in Finland, many delegates wish to explore the country, or the neighboring countries, more extensively. There are excellent opportunities for pre-congress and post-congress tours. Visit the Finnish Lapland and enjoy the Mid Night Sun and take a cruise to the neighboring cities of Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. Or enjoy the arts in one of the summer festivals in Finland.

Here are just few examples of variety of choices. Look also and the travel sites of you host cities and

Cruises to neighboring countries

Picture of a small street in Tallinn


The Estonian capital Tallinn is only 80 kilometres from Helsinki and is easy to reach by fast ferries in 1 hour. There are excellent connections several times a day. The Old Town with its majestic Toompea Hill and the picturesque buildings are the greatest attraction of this old Hanse town. Have a look at an example tour by Helsinki Expert.


A cruise on board in one of the luxury liners operating between Helsinki and Stockholm is an excellent way to combine a visit to the Swedish capital with a pleasant voyage at reasonable cost. The archipelago between Finland and Sweden is one of the most beautiful in the world. Timetable is convenient. The ships depart from Helsinki every day at 17.00 o’clock arriving in Stockholm the next morning at 9.30. After a whole day in Stockholm you can return to Helsinki with departure at 17.00. Have a look at an example tour by Helsinki Expert.

Picture of the Winter Palace square in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is easy to reach from Finland by ferry, train, bus or plane. With the new “Allegro” high speed train the journey takes only 3.5 hours. The city is renowned for its beautiful buildings, canals and bridges. The former Winter Palace with the Hermitage Art Museum and the Petrodrovets (Peterhof) Summer Palace are interesting places to see. Have a look at an example tour by Helsinki Expert.


Organ Night and Aria Festival 6th June — 29th August 2013

This unique series of late evening concerts in the mediaeval ambience of Espoo Cathedral provides classical music on Thursdays throughout the summer. The programme for these atmospheric summer evenings in a historic cultural setting includes both intimate recitals and major works of sacred music.

Picture from the Savonlinna Opera Festival

Savonlinna Opera Festival July 5th — August 3rd 2013

The Savonlinna Opera Festival is one of the most radiant and internationally most significant events in the Finnish cultural calendar. For decades, the festival has gathered the high and mighty and the great unwashed together to enjoy opera masterpieces and spectacular singing in the medieval Olavinlinna Castle. And how beatifully the arias echo from the robust rocky walls! The classic operas, medieval setting, the Lake Saimaa archipelago and the magnificent Finnish summer create a combination that makes your heart sing.

The City of Savonlinna is located in the middle of scenic lake district of Saimaa in eastern Finland, 334 kilometers from Helsinki.

Picture of reindeers in Inari

Visiting Lapland — Under the midnight sun

Lapland - land of the midnight sun and the northernmost part of Finland, is a different, exotic destination. A visit to Lapland’s forests and the vast mountain region, perhaps the last wilderness in Europe, is an unforgettable experience for every nature lover.

During the summer, nature speeds up. The buds burst forth, blossom and then explode into a million vibrant colors. That’s how you’ll feel too! And thanks to the magical Midnight Sun, the experience continues 24/7. This phenomenon is called the Nightless Night. Have you ever seen the sun circling the sky above the horizon night and day? See it in Lapland, see it soon!

If you have just couple of days time the fastest way to Lapland is by air with daily flight connections from Helsinki Airport. You can also use the convenient Finnish railroad network or rent a car. More information from and

A view in Åland

Visiting Åland

The Åland islands are situated between Sweden and Finland, in the northern part of the Baltic Sea. They constitute an autonomous and monolingual Swedish region of Finland with its own flag.

The things that make Åland unique and worth a visit are its unspoiled archipelago and the beautiful bedrock, worn smooth by glacier ice, that gets its red colour from the area's rapakivi granite. Åland's 6,500 islands have a world to offer where the sea is always nearby. Another of Åland's distinctive traits is the midsummer sight of maypoles, colourful garlands and old world windmills. One of the most popular activites in Åland is cycling and there are many ready made routes for you to choose from.

From Finland you can either travel to Åland with the smaller archipelago ferries or on the ferries from Turku and Helsinki.

A view in Old Porvoo

Helsinki & Southern Finland Daytrips

Make an unforgettable trip to the second oldest town in Finland, Porvoo. Come and see Porvoo’s unique waterfront red ochre sheds, medieval cobblestone streets, the charming boutiques in Old Porvoo, its restaurants, cafés, museums and galleries.

Take a trip to Raseborg, to a town with old ironworks villages of Fiskars and Billnäs, the unique Svartå Manor with its park, and the charming Old Town of Tammisaari.

Or spend a day in Hamina and visit the old star-shaped fortress and a radial town plan, that can only be found in Hamina. The wooden blocks, churches and museums located side by side are easy to visit. Discover also the areas outside the centre to experience the sea, the countryside, and the unique archipelago with its fishing villages.

See all daytrip options.

Picture of cyclers

Cycling in Finland

Cycling is popular activity in Finland and the country itself provides varying landscapes for culture and nature-lovers alike. You can choose routes from abundance of national, regional, and local cycling routes depending wether you prefer ones close by or do you want to take day or two to explore the wonders of Finnish nature and history.

The national routes will take you to the most beautiful parts of Finland. They pass through cities and most population centers and offer both cultural and natural landscapes, as well as a wide range of attractions. The most significant national parks and national landscapes can also be found along these routes.

National route maps available at mapshop. Helsinki Region Transport shows routes in the Helsinki Metropolitan area (look down the page on left).

Helsinki Metropolitan cycling and outdoor maps are available free of charge in tourist information and also available on the internet (mainly in Finnish).